What’s the brand of hoverboards that catch fire?


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There are brands of hoverboards that used to catch fire. This kept consumers away from these brands and removed them from the market in a very short period of time.

I’ll talk about the recalled Hoverboards that are never worth buying, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at reliable, US-approved Hoverboards.


These scooters were used for mobility on any level surface, preferably in an airport or shopping centre, until they were banned by the government and the private sector in these areas for security reasons.

Negative publicity has forced consumers to reconsider their plans to buy Hoverboards. If you still want scooters, but you’re worried about safety, you might want to know which brands turn on hovercraft.

The problem with hoverboards is mainly due to lithium-ion batteries. These are actually the same batteries that power your smartphones. Although these batteries are widely used, they are made of highly flammable materials that can explode if they come into contact with other components.

Here are some of the marks of the annexes withdrawn for safety reasons by the Commission on Consumer Product Safety (CPSC)

Wheel noise reduction

Sonic Smart-Wheels hoverboards have been recalled in connection with fire incidents. The problem is the scooter’s lithium-ion battery, which tends to overheat, emit smoke and start fires.

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Approximately 1000 Sonic-Smart Hoverboards with SBW66SL or S-01 numbers in different colors were recalled in November 2017. Watch out for those floating signs with the letter S in the middle of the cap.

If you are one of those who still have this hoverboard, stop using the scooter. The fire on that scooter caused $40,000 worth of property damage.

You can contact the manufacturer or dealer and replace your scooter with a UL 2722 certified outboard scooter.

iSuspension of air cushion landing gear

The simplified wireless network is reminiscent of the iHoverspeed hoverboards, because the lithium-ion batteries tend to overheat, switch on and explode.

The Commission withdrew around 900 units of this brand of scooter from the market in November 2017. The brand’s reactive hoverboards were sold by Amazon and other online stores in white, red, blue and black at prices starting at $290.

For safety reasons, stop using the iHoverspeed navigation panels immediately. You can contact Simplified Wireless for a UL2272 certified replacement. This hoverboard is made in China.


Four Stars of Import retrieved Go-Wheels Hoverboard because it was considered dangerous. The scooter, which was sold exclusively at Village Mart, is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can overheat and catch fire. In November 2017, approximately 1800 Go-Wheels Hoverboard locks were recalled.

Check your Hoverboard, because if it is a Hoverboard Go-Wheels and the Go-Wheel logo is lit in the middle, it is best to return it to your dealer. The so-called units are available in different colours: pink, gold, blue, red, white and black. This hoverboard is made in China.

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iLive floating signs

The iLive hoverboard was recalled after the distributor received the message that the battery was overheating. However, the incident did not result in injury or damage to property. Approximately 8,700 units of this stamp were withdrawn in November 2017.

Hoverboard model numbers are printed below: GSB56GDC, GSB56WC, GSB56RC, GSB65BUC and GSB56BC The iLive logo is also located in the centre of the aircraft.

If you have an iLive hoverboard in gold, black, white, red and blue, you’d better check again to see if they’re part of the recalls.

For safety reasons, discontinue use of this product and return it to the Digital Products section. You will receive a free UL 2272 certified replacement unit. The recall hoverboards, which were manufactured in China, were sold in Ace Hardware and HH Gregg stores across the country and on the internet.

Suspension panels Rail botany

Approximately 700 Drone-Nerds Hoverboards have retired due to safety issues with their lithium-ion batteries. These batteries tend to overheat, produce smoke, ignite and even explode.

If you own a Hoverboard Drone-Nerds, it is best to return them to your dealer for a refund. Stop using these Chinese levitation panels, which were sold in stores and on the internet from November 2015 to March 2016.


SwagTron is a brand you can trust and never regret. What for? Because their products are certified and appreciated by everyone.

If, like most consumers, you probably choose the cheapest version of hoverboards. However, you should pay attention to the quality and safety of the scooters you buy, as this can lead to injury and material damage.

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If you have hoverboards that are cheaper than most brands, there is reason to assume that they are of poor quality.

Hoverboards have been maliciously damaged by scooters due to various security problems. It is best to buy your Hoverboards from reputable manufacturers and dealers who are known for their quality products.

If you want your money, don’t buy a fake. They’re probably dangerous to your health.



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