Top 8 Hoverboarding Helmets


Given the frequency of accidents and the consistently high risk of serious head injuries, wearing a helmet is mandatory for several reasons and one of the most recommended safety practices. In the event of a fall, for example, studies have shown that people wearing a helmet on a hovercraft have a much lower risk of head injury and other disabling injuries such as concussions. They also reduce the risk of thermal shock by keeping the head cool and have a soft, ribbed interior that provides maximum comfort for users.

How do I buy a Hovercusheadset?

Buying a high-end hoverboard helmet is a tedious task that requires little planning. But with a good eye, a little research and valuable advice, which are emphasized here, takes the chance of finding the best. Instead of choosing a model with a celebrity or the first helmet you find here, consider the following attributes:


Hovercraft climbing is a fun activity practiced by millions of people all over the world. But even at high speeds there are often serious sweeping movements and therefore head injuries, which often have painful consequences. When choosing a helmet for daily use, the design of the helmet shell is therefore an important attribute to keep in mind. The material used for its manufacture must be durable. It must also be of suitable shape, resistant to repeated impacts, not cracking or losing its shape, and free from chemical or physical irritation.


Although the helmet is designed for excellent head protection, you should never compromise on the comfort of a new hoverboard helmet. The interior should be comfortable and have an irritating lining that provides maximum comfort for the face and head. The fabrics and trimmings that make up the interior also need to be moist to keep your face cool and dry.


Like other safety accessories, helmets undergo stringent pressure and safety tests before being placed on the market to determine their suitability for everyday use. Keep this attribute in mind without reaching for your wallet. Instead of an inexpensive aftermarket model with limited head protection, an ASTM-certified helmet lasts longer.

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Size is an important property that you should never sacrifice when buying a helmet. The right person will protect you better than young or old.


Did you know that price is a perfect reflection of quality? Although it is tempting to buy the cheapest helmets on the market, be aware of the cost of the product you get instead of just relying on the price. Choose a cost-effective product with a robust and suitable design. It must be user-friendly, adapted to the needs of daily users and certified for daily use. This way, even if you pay more for your product, you can travel with peace of mind and be sure that you are well protected.

Overview of the 8 best bubble helmets

To save you from finding and comparing the best helmets, this article has reviewed dozens of products available and highlighted eight of the best models you will never regret. Read on to analyze the key features and benefits of purchasing each product.

1. Brain rescue with three or eight charges

Triple Eight’s Brainsaver is a moulded and rubber coated hoverborder helmet that is light and multifunctional, impact resistant and durable. It has a comfortable padding, a built-in lining to protect against sweat and heat, and adjustable straps for a personal and comfortable fit. It also features a cool and comfortable side-cut helmet, a smooth terry construction and antibacterial properties that inhibit the build-up of odours.

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2. Triple and eight-way certified helmet

Lightweight, durable and aesthetically pleasing, this Triple Eight helmet is an advanced accessory that is CPSC and ASTM F-1492-08 certified, making it ideal for people over the age of five. It’s comfortable, ideal for skateboarding and cycling, and has a comfortable EPS lining that wipes away heat and sweat until the smell slowly builds up. It is affordable, convenient and protects heads of different shapes and sizes.

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3. Multiple walkie-talkies with fractional ringing headphones

Designed for both professionals and beginners, the Bell Fraction is a matte black multisport helmet with a rigid ABS plastic shell that provides excellent protection in the event of a fall. It is lightweight (425 grams), has a double density EPS foam backing and an innovative 12-vents design that keeps you cool in temperate climates. It is also equipped with a universal ski cover and is certified ASTM1492, CE EN0178 and CPSC, which confirms its overall quality.

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4. Critical bicycle helmet

If you love cycling, skateboarding and hoverboarding and choose this suburban helmet from Critical Cycles, you’ll get a classic American CPSC helmet that protects your head. It is robust, with 11 vents and a robust ABS plastic shell that can withstand everyday harassment. It also features DEWCOLLECTOR Comfort Padding Technology that effectively dissipates heat and sweat, adjustable straps and a clean, matt surface that greatly enhances its aesthetic value.

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5. Bern Unlimited junior Nino

A magnet for skateboard and hoverboard fans: the Bern Unlimited Jr. summer helmet. Nino is a cool, matte black helmet with a folding visor that distracts the public’s attention. The flash-molded liquid foam used to produce the interior is thinner and at the same time more comfortable than standard EPS foam, which is common for standard wet brands. It is also designed for the hips, is super protective and meets the ASTM 2040, CPSC and EN 1078 safety standards.

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6. BomberBONEShieldz

The famous BONEShieldz adult bomber helmet is a very effective protective accessory with an adjustable chin for optimal support. It also features an adjustable seat ring, front inlet and outlet pipes to keep your head cool, and comfortable racing exhaust grilles. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get this CPSC certified headset.

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7. PROTECT Original Classic Helmet

PROTEC The classic original helmet is the perfect accessory for optimal head protection in road traffic. It is CPSC certified, has an impact-resistant ABS plastic shell that protects the head, and 10 open vents that allow air to circulate to keep it cool and odourless inside. You also benefit from a comfortable EPS foam lining and an interior made of odourless Nylex laminate.

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8. PROTECT Original Bucky Skate Helmet

PROTEC Original Bucky, one of the bestsellers in the industry, is a well-designed skating helmet with a high density polyethylene shell, a two-stage EPS foam lining and an interior of illegible nylex laminate. It is affordable, fits different head shapes and has 11 vents to keep your head cool.

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The important role that helmets play in the safety of fans of gliding should not be underestimated. Although there are several models on the market, the helmet of your choice must have a stable shell. The interior must be comfortable and the straps must be adjustable so that they can be individually adjusted. Choose one of the eight models presented here for a better experience.



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