The Four Best Hoverboard Brands of 2020


The best brands on Hoverboard

Despite the fact that hoverboards are incredibly fashionable and widespread among young people and outdoor enthusiasts, safety problems persist. Thanks to the safety regulations introduced in 2016, all Hoverboards sold in the USA meet minimum safety standards that prevent overheating and sunbathing. However, there are many unknown Chinese brands on the market that sell lower quality hoverboards. This article is dedicated to the best Hoverboard brands. These hoverboards are not only safe, they are also made of high-quality components that guarantee you a strong and durable hoverboard. Please take note of our recommendations below.

These brands are not represented in any particular order, and we recommend that you purchase a Hoverboard of each of these brands, based on your personal preferences in terms of price and options. If you need help in making a decision, check out our Hoverboard comparison chart.

Best digits on Hoverboard

Segway Nine glideboards

Segway, an old manufacturer of passenger transport equipment, was one of the first hovercraft manufacturers to receive the new UL 2272 safety certificate. And it won’t surprise you that the Segway manufacturer is one of the best hoverboard brands. They only offer two models (Segway Ninebot S and Minilite), but their track record speaks for itself, and their personal two-wheeled, self-balancing treadmill is one of Amazon’s most respected models.

The higher price is more for city dwellers and business people, but it is an excellent choice for people looking for private transport to cross the city. If you are looking for a hoverboard for occasional rides or stunts, I recommend one of the other brands.

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Hovertrax Razor floating plate

Razor is another brand that started with the production of regular scooters and has since expanded its range with hoverboards. Razor started with Hovertrax 1.0 and recently added an updated version of Hovertrax 2.0. Both models meet all safety requirements and are rated positively by Amazon. One of the features of the Hovertrax 2.0 is the quick battery change, which means you can spend more time driving without having to stop to recharge. It is ideal for long journeys or for a quiet walk in the park.

At a lower price than the Segway Ninebot S, it’s a great option for teenagers and students who want a more adventurous ride. It’s designed for sidewalks and roads, so if you need something more extreme, take a look at the EpikGo brand below.

Epicgo hoverboard

EPICGO is a big name in off-road hoverboarding. They offer four different models, two for off-road driving and two for sports events where sidewalks and roads are used. Off-road tyres really distinguish themselves from other brands of hoverboards and enable riders to deal with sand, mud, grass, gravel and even puddles. They also offer their projects with or without Bluetooth speakers, saving you money when you don’t need this feature. This update also gives you a higher degree of tilt (15 versus 30 degrees) and a longer range (10 miles versus 12 miles).

EPIKGO’s high-quality hoverboards come with a high price tag that can make casual riders tough, but if you need a reliable hoverboard that can withstand extreme riding conditions, this is the brand for you. There is a reason why they advertise their Hoverboards as indestructible, and that quality deserves a higher price.

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SwagtronFloating plates

Swagtron was a celebrity before hoverboarding began in 2015, and they quickly came back when new safety standards were introduced. No wonder they have established themselves as one of the top brands on a hoverboard. Since then, they have become important players in the electric transport industry, selling electric bicycles, skateboards and scooters. Their hoverboards have also been improved and they now offer four models at different prices. Thanks to their many features, they are suitable for most types of drivers, from occasional runners to SUVs. Your entry model Swagtron T5 offers an affordable price and is ideal for beginners, teenagers and children (e.g. in training mode).

If you need a robust hoverboard, your Swagtron T6 is designed as an off-road version with all-terrain tyres, at a lower price than the EPIKGO models. Even if you don’t need a rigid hoverboard, the other Swagtron models are ideal for road transport or other personal transport.

Still don’t know what you can get on a Hoverboard? View our hoverboard comparison table to compare different models. We also have articles about the safest hoverboards for sale and the fastest hoverboards on the market. If you want to save money, check out our recommended cheap hoverboards.




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