The Coolest and Best Hoverboard Accessories


When you finally choose the perfect Hoverboard, the shopping is not over yet. There are tons of accessories for Hoverboards. Some are needed to protect you and your Hoverboard, while others are just for fun. In this article we will dissect the different types of hoverboard accessories so that you can find the best ones to improve your driving behaviour.


You’ll spend most of your time on a hoverboard, but you’ll have time to take it with you. The easiest way is to use a carrying bag, as it protects your Hoverboard from the weather and makes it easier to handle the treadmill. When you buy a suitcase, make sure it is the right size for your Hoverboard. Some Hoverbord brands make their own cases specifically for their models, but we will look at some common cases. Here are some of the best cases available.

Hoverboard backpack

Hoverboards are often a bit heavy, weighing 20 pounds or more, so it can be uncomfortable to wear them for a long time. This smart floating board bag solves this problem by attaching a pair of backpack straps so you can carry it like a backpack. It also comes with a mesh bag to load the Hoverboard cable or something else. If the backpack style doesn’t suit you, it also has a carrying handle that allows you to carry your Hoverboard like a briefcase. Made of durable nylon with a waterproof lining that protects against rain and snow.

Available colours: black, red

Float dimensions: Wheels up to 7 inches, maximum length 23.5 inches.

Hoverboard and backpack rental

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If the weight of your hoverboard is too heavy for you, this is an excellent alternative. These 2 in 1 suitcase works like a backpack or a suitcase on wheels. This suitcase, which works like a carrying bag on a wheeled suitcase, has a foldable handle so you can easily roll it up from behind while walking. If you’re excited, you can carry the suitcase with adjustable straps like a backpack.

Hoverboard dimensions: only 6.5 inch wheels

Floating plate hard body

If you want to protect your Hoverboard from damage, it is best to do so with a rigid hull. This box seems to contain some kind of musical instrument, but it is meant to be installed on floating boards. It is waterproof and the stiff exterior protects your Hoverboard from drops and damage. A carrying handle or shoulder strap is available for transport.

Hoverboard dimensions: only 6.5 inch wheels

Floating car

With a Hoverboard you can take it to the next level. These are kits you buy to transform your Hoverboard, a two-wheeled balance board, into a go-kart like a car.

Front hoverboard card

With this flying car chassis, your electric two-wheeled mobility scooter is attached to the car and functions as rear wheels. When you are in the car, your feet are on the front supports and you control the hoverboard and speed with the tow bars.

The Hoverboard is attached with nylon straps so it works with all sizes of Hoverboard. The frame has four length adjustment options so that even small children and adults can mount it. It’s a good investment so that every member of the family can enjoy the ride on a Hoverboard, even if they have a bad balance.

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Take a look at the optional carriage adapters on your Hoverboard.

HoverboardProtective and decorative panels One of the disadvantages of many hoverboard models currently on the market is that they are very similar. The easiest way to distinguish your Hoverboard from all others is to purchase one of the over 100 sets of Hoverboard stickers currently available. For an affordable price you get real coloured hoverboard stickers that make your board stand out.

More stickers on a Hoverboard can be found here.

If you’re afraid your Hoverboard will get scratches or wrinkles, or if you just want to give your frame a new look that protects it, consider a silicone cover for your Hoverboard. They are built for most conventional 6.5 hoverboards. You sit comfortably on a floating board like a silicone cover that fits your phone. They are also available in different colours and are inexpensive to buy, so you can change the look of your hoverboard as your mood changes.

Check the silicone covers on the Hoverboard.

Nighttime shoe lighting for hovercraft operators Some hoverboards are equipped with LED lighting for safety and night vision, but not all of them. And on some hoverboards, where there are lanterns, only the front lights up, not the back. This clip-on safety light is located at the rear of the sneakers and makes it possible to be visible from behind approaching cars. They light up continuously in red (like car tail lights) or flash strobe red. (More information about hoverboardprotective devices)

Personal protective clothing

The best hoverboard accessories and a safe transmission Safety is crucial when riding a hoverboard. Even if you don’t consider protective clothing as an accessory for your new Hoverboard, you should. The main danger of the Hoverboard is falling and getting injured. The most important things to consider when wearing them are helmets that protect your head from serious injury (which is especially important when travelling with other camels) and protective padding for your wrists, elbows and knees.

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We have detailed articles on each type of protective equipment:

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