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Hoverboard is the newest type of transport.

If you’re having trouble finding the best hoverboard, this is the place to go, because this guide to buying a hoverboard will amaze you and give you all the details you need to find the best possible option within your budget.


Before you make a final decision, you probably have these questions in mind,

  • What are the characteristics of the best levitation board?
  • What’s the fastest hoverboard?
  • What are the cheapest Hoverboards?
  • Which hoverboard is most suitable for children?
  • Which Hoverboard should I buy?
  • Is a Hoverboard available in gold?

And so on and so on.


In this article I will talk about hoverboarding from A to Z, maybe it will take a little more time, but it will be worth it.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

What’s a Hoverboard?

You may think it’s a childish question, but believe me, most people still don’t know what Hoverboard is.

Hoverboard is also known as Self-balancing electric scooter.

It consists of two motorised wheels connected to the skids on which the driver places his feet. The rider can easily control his speed and movement by going forward and backward.

Nowadays it is the most modern means of transport for people travelling in the city and it is an elegant way of travelling and attractive as for anyone.

The Hoverboard doesn’t really float, but you shouldn’t forget its charms.

It was only invented for the film, but after that the film became so popular with children and teenagers.

And you can also enjoy the rides with music, as most models now have a built-in Bluetooth speaker for rides.

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is now safe on Hoverboards !

In this safety section you will find a short history and safety tips about the Aeroband.


In mid-2015 the market was characterized by the explosion of the scooter in the streets, houses and even factories due to the inferior quality of the batteries and other materials.

These self-balanced scooters are made with cheap quality batteries, which were the main cause of explosions and burns. But after some hot news, these products were soon banned at Amazons, eBay, Walmart and other department stores.

A company specialising in the safety of consumer products suggested that many companies should stop selling and move their storage containers to their factories to prevent further damage.

Most major brands also offer refunds for defective hoverboards or replacement with other products.

After research and product testing, it was found that these combustion problems were caused by lithium batteries and their coatings.

Finally, a new certification for this type of product was announced in 2016 with the designation UL 2272.

With UL 2272 certification, the hopper has to pass more than 150 different types of tests in order to obtain market approval. These tests include a short-circuit test, a water test, a load test, etc.


According to the UL 2272 certification, all UL-certified decks are absolutely safe and are tested on commission before they are placed on the market.

When you buy a Hoverboard, check whether it is UL 2272 certified or not, because safety must be the first priority when purchasing an electrical cell.

Copper guide for self-developed scooters

Dear Balancer


What are the characteristics of the best hoverboards?

When we want to buy something in the field of electronics, the first thing that comes to mind is the word SPECIFICATION, that’s why we discuss here all the specifications that will help you make the final decision.

Let’s get started! !!

Hoverboard UL 2272 Certification:

Safety always comes first when you decide to buy aself-balanced scooter.

As said, this certification should be very important for every company that makes Hoverboards.

With this certification all brands have to pass the test, and the one that passes the test is the safest hovercraft you can buy.

Make sure it is UL2272 certified and has a hologram on the bottom of the product. Various tests can be carried out, such as B. whether or not the battery and charger are protected against overcharging, whether or not they have a shockproof housing, whether or not the pedals and tyres are slip-resistant, etc.

UL is committed to providing consumers with safe and reliable products after the products have been inspected and tested. This is UL’s primary responsibility, and the consumer is so important to UL.

WEB on floating panel:

Two types of factors must be taken into account when making the final decision: firstly, the weight of the product and, secondly, its strength.

The weight of the product has its value because you want to go on holiday or another day to other cities. So you have to wonder if he can travel, if he has special bags for hoverboard , and if I can take him anywhere.

The weight of the product also plays a role, even when you are not travelling, because you have to store, load and move it in your own environment or at home.  It is therefore also an important specification that must be taken into account.

And secondly, how much weight can a Hoverboard carry? Last year the machine weighed up to 220 pounds, but now, thanks to the latest technology, it can support an operator weight of 380 to 400 pounds.

But you have to analyze the size of the maximum weight of the runner and you need the maximum weight. There are many products on the market that can carry a maximum weight of 400 pounds.

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Since the average weight of normal people does not exceed 100 kg, a canopy of 220 pounds is sufficient for them.

On-board speed:

Everybody in this world wants to have everything in full swing, especially when you buy gadgets like this.

The speed of a Hoverboard plays a decisive role in the decision to buy a Hoverboard.

This speed factor is directly proportional to the motors (see below) and the size of the wheels/poles. The dual motor always increases power and speed.

Top 10 of the world’s fastest glider boards

The flexibility of the wheel is also an important factor for the floating speed.

Let me tell you one thing very clearly, you will find the maximum speed of your choice on the market, but make sure you are familiar with the ride and ask yourself the important question, which is that you can control the speed of your Hoverboard, how much speed can be beneficial to you and, most importantly, in which area you will use it. Will the surface of this area allow you to reach a certain speed?

Its speed also depends on the subway. If you are driving on level ground, it may give you the most likely speed as described above, but if you are driving on grass, mud or slopes, its speed may be reduced to the maximum.

The hovercraft starts at 9.65 km/h (MPH)/9.65 km/h (KPH).

The maximum speed of the latest self-balancing scooters is 12 MPH/19.31 KPH, which is more than sufficient.

When you’re on the road in the city, you’ll resonate with everyone at that speed.

And today, most companies offer their official applications to manage them directly from your Android application.

Tires for hovercraft:

The most important part of a hoverboard, through which it moves, are the wheels or tyres of a hoverboard.

You could just say that this is the real part you need to focus on before you decide to buy Hoverboard, because you can’t ignore the importance of this part.

The wheels of a self-balanced scooter consist of the internal and external structure, which is explained below;

Internal structure of self-balanced scooter wheels:

In this section it is necessary to think about how it is produced, which materials are used.

It is essentially a strong and flexible wire and high quality rubber, which we will examine in this chapter, as all tyres are made of flexible steel wire which supports the weight and stability of the rider’s suppleness.

External structure of self-balanced scooter wheels:

The design of the exterior includes the size of the tyre and the size can be directly proportional to the weight it carries. Standard size from 6+ to 10 inches. Tubeless tires are recommended.

Hoverboards with off-road tires are great.

Let these tyres climb if you are in areas or plan to visit areas that you should climb, this can be checked, but not necessarily.

Let me tell you about it!

If you really want to buy the best hoverboard and don’t want to pay all the time, then ride for what you can ride in mud, grass, rain and even gravel.

Hovercraft engines:

In the past, most self-balanced scooters were manufactured with a single engine which was considered unnecessary by consumers, just like the UL certification.

Now all hoverboards usually have a double motor, but we have to check the double motor and the power in watts.

More power, more performance.

Most Hoverboards offer a double 250W engine, for a total of 500W, which is good, but we give you the best option.

The latest Hoverboards now offer a two-cylinder engine with a total power of 400W and 800W, which is better than the others and it will be the best option for you to have a self-balanced scooter with this engine power.

Hoverboard battery:

Without a rechargeable battery, the Hoverboard can understandably not move.

And as previously mentioned that there has been a Hoverboard accident in the past due to poor battery quality, we will now give you detailed information on what to look for in a Hoverboard battery when making your decision.

Don’t worry, the batteries are now much safer and more reliable than before.

Because batteries have to pass the UL 2271 certification test (specifically for batteries).

The most important thing about a battery is how much charge it can hold, how much it can keep an engine running and how long it can last.

It cannot be denied that the charger of the Hoverboard is also the most important factor when charging the battery.

You have to check how many voltages it needs and how much power it has, secondly that it is safe when you charge it, thirdly the most important thing is that this battery has short circuit protection or not.

The battery must have indicators, usually red and green, to indicate the charge status.

The battery must be environmentally friendly.

Batteries with a voltage between 36 and 42 V are currently recommended for the Hoverboard.

Last but not least, and very simply, if the battery is UL certified, it can be used safely.

Hoverboard with application support:

Drive in style!

This is the latest technology in Hoverboards, allowing you to manage all the functions of a self-blocking electric scooter directly from your Android phone by simply installing the Hoverboard application.

Hoverboards now ride at very high speeds, and people love speed, so this is the best option for anyone, beginner or expert.

This reduces the number of accidents because you can control the speed of the hovercraft via your mobile phone.

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Floating boards with an included application make it possible to ride a scooter that balances itself.

This application allows you to listen to the music of your choice while driving, but all you have to do is turn on Bluetooth.

Hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers:

Everyone in this world wants to live a stylish life, so why not take a ride on a self-balancing scooter in style?

Currently, most self-balanced scooters are equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can be easily connected to a mobile phone.

And that is also an important factor when buying a Hoverboard, because there is no trip without music.

You can easily connect to the speakerphone by turning on Bluetooth.

Today hoverboards have both options, you can connect your mobile phone directly to a hoverboard, and another is a hoverboard with an activated application.

What is the fastest hovercraft?

For we live in a modest time of peace, in which we want everything to happen very quickly. Whether it’s a car, a bus, a train or even a hoverboard, people need the fastest hoverboards for their luxury travels.

Hovercraft climbing has become so popular that it has become an efficient way to bypass the city. People use them to go to shopping malls and parks, but also to enjoy their holidays.

A high speed hoverboard can be risky because it can reach speeds of up to 12 mph, but if you’re at an advanced level, there’s no problem.

If you’re a beginner and you know how to master it, it’s not that important to you.

The fastest hoverboard depends on four things: the engine, the tires, the weight the hoverboard can carry and the surface.

But before you buy the fastest Hoverboard, check out all the specifications above, some of which are listed below;

Self-balanced scooters can ride at average speeds of 8 to 12 km/h.

I recommend that you choose the option where the application will be activated, because once you have this option, you will get the maximum speed.

At maximum speed there is no damage, you can check directly from the application of the product.

However, if you buy a child hovercraft, you should choose a lower speed option because it is difficult for children to control speed and cause an accident, but if you decide to buy an older hovercraft, you should only consider these options.

We looked at the 10 fastest Hoverboards in the world, you can look here.

What is a cheap Hoverboard?

It was very difficult to find a cheap Hoverboard in this technological age where inflation is rising daily and the price of a Hoverboard with improved features is $800 or more.

But if you are a beginner or want to give someone something within your budget, you can buy a cheap hoverboard for a few hundred dollars.

As you know, a Hoverboard must achieve UL 2272 certification after 2016. So you can’t buy a Hoverboard for $100, but you can buy it for $135 to $200.

It may not have any interesting new features, but it’s good for a baby or a beginner, and you can upgrade it later.

Here, I’m warning you: Before buying a cheap hoverboard, check that the product is UL2272 certified and buy authentic shops. Because some companies produce a low quality hoverboard without UL 2272 certification and sell it at a very low price.

Maybe he doesn’t climb on all surfaces and should check how much weight the Hoverboard can carry at low cost.

Today, companies make inexpensive hoverboards with Bluetooth speakers, giving them a luxurious appearance and allowing you to enjoy music while riding a self-balanced electric scooter.

Loading can take several hours and the speed doesn’t do justice to your expensive Hoverboards. The maximum speed is 8MPH and can cover distances from 11 to 15 miles.

If you want to buy a cheap children’s hoverboard, make sure it is UL certified and that the maximum speed does not exceed 8MPH. I advise you to pay attention to the brand when buying a children’s swimming board.

The question is now: What are the cheapest Hoverboards to buy? So we looked at the 15 cheapest Hoverboards that will be purchased in 2020.

Which Hoverboard should I buy?

Take your time to buy a hoverboard, just give some time to this guide, and you’ll thank me later.

Also known as an electric scooter or scooter.

Buying a hoverboard is no longer a problem as the Consumer Product Safety Company ensures that all hoverboards on the market are safe and protected if they are UL-certified.

What is the UL 2272 certification? See upstairs.

Allow me to highlight some important points that need to be clarified before a decision is made,

  • First and foremost, buy a Hoverboard from Amazon, because they are a real company in the world offering certified safety scooters.
  • Secondly, the specification of the hoverboard is very important because the speed, wheels and other parts vary depending on the age and weight of the user, do not worry, I will help you.
  • Thirdly, each Hoverboard now requires UL 2272 certification.
  • Fourthly, in this case the weight of the driver is also a factor to be taken into account as speed and payload are directly proportional to the driver.
  • Fifthly, electric scooters are available at the highest speeds, from 6.5 to 12 km/h. If you buy a children’s hoverboard, I recommend an average speed of 8 to 10 mph with a load, and if you need more, choose the included applications.
  • The average loading time is 2 to 3 hours and can reach up to 20 miles on the surface of an aircraft.
  • Seventh: The wheels are the main component of a Hoverboard because they move on it when you need off-road tyres that can move on all hard surfaces (mud, grass, sand). So get on an off-road Hoverboard (8+), but if you need a self-balancing scooter to ride on a flat road, 6.5 inch tubeless tires are sufficient.
  • Eight: The LEDs exert an incredible attraction on the rider during the race, making it a must for all types of riders.
  • Ninth: Costs are also a factor to be taken into account. We looked at a Hoverboard from $130 to $700 with all the details (pros and cons), see here,
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I hope all your questions are now answered and you can buy a Hoverboard now, but if you ever mistake our top 15 cheap 2020 Hoverboards for the top 10 fastest Hoverboards again, you won’t do it again.

Suspension table for children:

If you want to buy a Hoverboard for children or teenagers, look for the coolest, most attractive and safest.

Children are children, so they need to be taken care of.

First of all, you have to think about the age of your son or daughter for whom you want to buy a hovercraft.  In most cases, the recommended age is 8 years or older.

If you are under 14 years old, you need to go to a Hoverboard with the application enabled, as it controls all functions through the official application by installing it on your mobile phone. Speed, lighting and other functions can be easily controlled with a mobile phone.

If you are over 14 years old you can choose the fastest or most off-road scooter.

This is what you can see in the floating signs for children , , which we will examine below;

Not all hoverboards are designed for children, as some are heavy, fast and difficult to handle during the ride.

Teachers have made some important comments about the purchase of child hovercrafts, which are listed below;

  • The maximum speed of the hoverboard must not exceed 8 miles per hour.
  • It should be colored with beautiful colored LEDs,
  • It should be equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers to ensure a comfortable ride for your children.
  • Certification according to UL 2272 is mandatory.
  • The self-balancing technology is a positive point.
  • It must be accompanied by an application.
  • Avoid fast hovercraft.
  • Waterproof technology
  • There must be different ways of driving.
  • Lightweight and easy to choose and carry.

These are important issues that also need to be addressed.

There are many mini duckboards specially designed for children and they do their best to make them harmless.

Hoverboarding is the love and dream of most children.

The golden hoverboard:

The word gold is clear, but it’s not just about the color, because the Gold Hoverboard is also one of the most attractive and very popular because of its properties.

It is not only available in pure gold, but also in its sub-colours such as rose gold, chrome gold, etc.

Most big giants make high quality Rose Gold hoverboards because they look incredible, and when you come across the latest technology, it’s no alternative to the best hoverboards on the market.

The colour pink gold and chrome gold attracts people all the time.

EPIKGO offers red gold with a very high function. He has an all-terrain tyre with all safety features.

In terms of safety, these GOLD floats are the safest on the market.

Gold Hoverboards are available with Bluetooth speakers and an attractive LED, making them breathtaking while driving.

SWAGTRON Hoverboard also offers the Hoverboard Chrome GOLD with Bluetooth and LED, so don’t worry, there are many models in different colours to choose from.

Lamborghini hoverboard :

Lamborghini scooters on Hoverboards are the newest and most technically advanced scooters that keep themselves in balance. His style and appeal are highly sought after in the market.

Lamborghini Hoverboards ?

No, Lamborghini is a big brand that makes very expensive cars all over the world and also delivers tractors.

These electric scooters are full of style, because Lamborghini hoverboards with LEDs give you a great view of others around you as you ride.

Lamborghini’s 8-inch hoverboards are a very popular product on the market.

They are made of high quality materials and make no concessions to quality. So they contain mainly UL-certified batteries from Samsung (much safer).

We examined the best Lamborghini Hoverboards, you can see them.


I’m sure this guide to buying floating boards will help you choose the best board to buy.

All the important and necessary factors discussed above for all types of Hoverboards, when purchasing a self-balanced scooter, your Hoverboard UL 2272 must be certified and other features must meet your needs.

If this article really helps you find the hovercraft of your dreams, please let us know in the comment field.

Nine cheers!



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