Swagway X1 Hands — Free Smart Board Review


A reliable hoverboard trusted by beginners and professionals alike, the Swagway X1 is an intelligent hands-free board that is one of the best-selling boards of all time. It is durable, designed for the daily needs of the user and has a light and functional system, which is very suitable as a personal means of transport or as a leisure board. If you buy a new scooter and have trouble sorting through the dozens of available brands, you will find here a detailed overview of the most desirable features and the advantages and disadvantages of the original model:

Swagway X1 Handsfree Smart Card Features

In a ranking of the fastest and lightest scooters on the market, the Swagway X1 is a premium accessory with the following desired features:


Are you looking for a portable Hoverboard that can easily be driven on an off-road vehicle? The Swagway X1 is equipped with a unique hands-free speaker system that requires no special driving skills. It is durable, balanced and has a self-balancing system that is beneficial for both beginners and professionals.

Sales at zero degrees

The Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smartboard has sturdy wheels with independent motors that allow zero degrees of rotation. Just spread your weight unevenly across the board and a wheel will spin faster.

Board of Directors

With every purchase you get an ergonomic and comfortable board. The polymer plastic used in its manufacture is durable. It is also aesthetically pleasing and has a well-designed body that can support 220 pounds. When used, it never collapses and never loses its form and functionality.


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These high quality aluminum wheels mounted on this smart hoverboard scooter are not only durable, but also designed to withstand constant use. They move smoothly. They also have rubber tyres that improve traction and powerful, low-maintenance engines that provide years of valuable service.


The battery that powers this Smartboard will last a long time. It is also certified for safety, has a fast charging system that saves valuable time and a high performance system that lasts a long time.

Swagway X1 Pros Handsfree Smartboard

When you choose the hand-free Swagway X1 Smart Board over other brands of hoverboards, you get a well-designed personal suburban passenger with the following desired features:


This scooter is a practical everyday accessory recommended for city trips. It’s compact. It is also environmentally friendly, has a powerful battery with an impressive range of 10 miles and a simple and easy to learn design that is also suitable for unqualified scooters.

Respect for the environment

If you care about the environment, this hoverboard is equipped with an environmentally friendly electrical system that does not emit any harmful gases or substances that are harmful to the environment. In this way you not only have fun on the road, but you also reduce the impact on the environment.


The quality of the construction of this floating board is impressive. The stable platform, for example, is durable. It’s also comfortable, carries a huge weight, has well-designed wheels, shift patterns and a certified and safe battery pack that efficiently supplies power for several hours.


With a top speed of up to 12 miles per hour, the Swagway X1 is a fast and fun hovercraft, ideal for smart drivers. It has a steep slope of 15 degrees, has an intelligent sword that is ideal for tricks and stunts and has an impressive power reserve of 10 miles.

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Unlike most poorly designed hoverboards, you don’t have to worry about your battery exploding or blowing up without warning. He’s certified for safety. The self-balanced construction further enhances safety and the stable wheels and steep gradient make driving safe.


Swagway is a reliable premium brand that has garnered worldwide acclaim since its launch a few months ago. It’s reliable. It is also durable and comes with high quality parts and components that never disappoint.


Thanks to this smart floating board, you no longer have to spend a lot of money to get a valuable and sustainable product. For less than $500 you can get a superior quality product within your budget.

Swagway X1 Handsfree SmartboardContraindications

Like most smartboards, the Swagway X1 has its share of responsibility. Despite the durability and use of high quality components, the compact and flat design tends to scratch when driving over thick brushes or uneven terrain. Bumper protection can solve this problem.

Main element

Although opinions differ on the most remarkable features, many people find the light and balanced sword invaluable. It is comfortable, supports an enormous weight and has an integrated foot control system that increases functionality.

Boat rental review

4.1 out of the five reviews this panel received in Amazon magazines, confirm its quality. You will never regret the fact that you ordered an original model from a reputable online shop.


Are you buying a compact, reliable and affordable Hoverboard with an optional hands-free kit? The Swagway X1 reaches this threshold. It is durable, made of high quality components and has a fast and reliable electrical system that increases its overall value.

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