My Smart Color Hoverboard by HoverTech


Behind the scenes, we had a lot of fun with our latest acquisition Hoverboard – My Color Smart from HoverTech.

This is a mini aerobobic box that looks like a well-designed, durable and fun aerobobobob. We’ll see! For almost two weeks in a row it was abused by us, but no damage was done. All for a good cause.

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Today we are ready to share with you our experience of using this floating board.

The Hoverboard looked solid and well designed. HoverTech wasn’t lying. We hoisted it, and it was just as heavy. No peeping, no talking. He, too, had a first-class feeling. We were surprised how good he was in our hands. Although it must be under our feet, it speaks loud and clear about the quality of the construction, both inside and out.

He’s got a sharp eye. It doesn’t look cheap. Given its price, it exceeded our expectations of what it would look like in real life. It’s a really nice hovercraft.

It’s a mini shower tray. More like a small 26-inch page from end to end. But still big enough for a medium or small adult.

Contains my coloured Hoverboard

Construction: This Hoverboard has an exceptional build quality for its price. Well put together. We noticed it in the beginning, but during the two-week test phase it didn’t stop developing. He kept feeling firm at every turn.

Battery and charger : Under the bonnet is Samsung’s reliable and durable 36 V (4,400 mAh) US-certified safety battery. It took six hours, somewhat timidly, the first day we started testing it. The manufacturer charges 11 miles for the same amount. We believe them. The 2Ma battery charger is CE certified by Hoverboard, so you can be sure it won’t explode in your face.

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Speed: We have an impressive top speed of 10 km/h. He’s a middle-aged adult weighing 122 pounds. He won’t break any speed record, but he’s still much faster than the walking speed. What we liked was that it went through almost every floor. We only used it on a flat surface, as recommended for all Hoverboards.

Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Some hoverboards are known to be annoyingly noisy. He’s not one of them. It’s a silent hoverboard. The sound of the engine almost calms the ears.

Self-balancing: Learn forwards or backwards and the My Color Smart windsurf adapts and compensates for losses to help you maintain your balance. It has a sensitive foot sensor that communicates with the engine in milliseconds. This makes it a hoverboard suitable for beginners and minimizes the risk of losing balance and falling. Frightened users who learn to control a Hoverboard will find this feature on their way.

SPETODIC: Two LED strips on the underside provide sufficient lighting and visual feedback to the user. At night you can see the way clear. They go from a pleasant purple to a cool white. Below you will find a summary of this suspension committee.


  • High quality and robust construction.
  • Powerful motor with quality battery.
  • Long battery life and short charging time.
  • The hoverboard is CE certified (does not explode).
  • Sensitive and adaptive motor
  • A silent and silky ride.
  • Good lighting system.
  • Smooth wheels.
  • Spare parts.
  • Factory warranty on spare parts.
  • Available.


  • Only 2 different colours (red or black).
  • Not the fastest.
  • The weight limit is only 220 pounds.
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For a Hoverboard that competes in the low-end market segment, My Color Smart from HoverTech Mini Hoverboard offers good value for money. He’ll probably exceed your expectations. We highly recommend it!




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