How to Spot Fake Hoverboard


Hoverboarding was one of last year’s most popular toys. Whether you love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. Children love them, celebrities can’t live without them, and otherwise they are great vehicles for all ages. Until recently, the internet started buzzing with shocking messages about hoverboards you can sunbathe on.

Large online stores such as Amazon have started sending emails to their customers with instructions on how to use a hoverboard – or, in the worst case scenario, with a request to throw it away for a full refund. In addition, as a precaution, they temporarily removed their stock of seizures from their warehouse.

After the roofing problem exploded, Amazon asked all retailers to sell the roofing that met commercial standards. Today the hoverboards were sold again. Look here to see them on

What causes the Hoverboard to catch fire?

Forensics seems to have cooked it up. The core of the problem was that the lithium batteries caught fire. Well, under normal circumstances this seldom happens with real hoverboards, which are made by well-known manufacturers. But the data suggests that the shiny mobile cars were cheaper and mimic the parts of their chargers, circuits and batteries.

Faced with this disturbing situation, here’s a short shot that shows you how to detect a fake hoverboard.

Real or fake board. How do I recognize it?

Is the name spelled correctly?

Often you find fake hoverboards, mostly from China, the name is intentionally misspelled. For example, a popular hovercraft brand such as Swegway gets a Smagway simulation. This is done deliberately for legal reasons, but it is a forgery and should therefore be avoided. They can be an exact copy of the original, and it’s hard to say just by looking at them. But on the inside they use less material.

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Are they too cheap?

Hoverboards aren’t the cheapest. Actually, they’re very expensive. A good hoverboard will cost you at least $300 with shipping costs if you buy online. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Avoid buying Hoverboards only at the lowest price. A Hoverboard that is too cheap has to sound the alarm, because no serious manufacturer can sell a Hoverboard for less than $150. And when they do, you may know that they have missed a lot of quality control and used cheaper materials in their product.

It won’t take long, it’s a terrible waste of money and, as we saw above, it can set you on fire with the hoverboard.

Do they have a first-class image?

Hoverboards are not just about mobility. They’re watching too. The original product will have a distinctive and high quality appearance. Because it was designed by top engineers from a reputable company, you can easily tell the difference between a real and a fake board by looking at it. In general, their price corresponds to their appearance. A cheap price almost always means an unattractive design – a forgery.

See manual

If the hoverboard is wrong, the manual will be just as bad. The fake hoverboards come with manuals that contain poor translation (from Chinese), typing and grammar errors. The quality of the management speaks to the authenticity of the board.

Real brands make manuals that look first-class, with quality paper, illustrative drawings and full text without errors. Some also use brand-specific holograms. The manual contains additional information such as websites, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. You have nothing to hide.

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Their manuals are also easily found online, usually on the manufacturer’s website. If you can’t find an online guide for a particular hoverboard, it probably has dubious origins and is probably a forgery.

Do they meet the standards?

Standards are the rules by which manufacturers produce products that have been inspected and tested by consumer councils. The false stove will not meet these standards. All original Hoverboards come with the BS1363 commercial standard on the loader. Many experts say that you should avoid having a Hoverboard not on your charger by default.

Are they too light?

If the lightness of technology instinctively rhymes with goodness, it is not necessarily good in the world of hoverboards. A floating board that is too light shows that cheaper plastic-based materials are used.


A well-built hoverboard doesn’t make any annoying noises. If it beeps, it’s because it’s not optimally designed and it’s rigged.

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This is probably the easiest way to determine if a Hoverboard is fake. It is unlikely that you will be the first to buy a particular Hoverboard. By visiting websites such as and reading customer testimonials, you get a general idea of the authenticity of the product. Generally people despise counterfeit goods, and if a hoverboard is fake, you’ll find out! You get bad reviews and especially negative comments.


We develop these quick and easy methods to detect fake hoverboards. Remember, a Hoverboard should give you hours of fun, no problems. False Hoverboards are usually trouble-free without fun.

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