How to Ride a Hoverboard or Self Balancing Personal Transportation


How do you drive a hovercraft or balance private traffic?

For most occasional riders it can be quite intimidating to use a Hoverboard (or a self-balancing two-wheeled scooter) for the first time. Many children who have a lot of experience with skateboards and roller skates can jump and roll without much training. If you are interested in driving a Hoverboard, this article will tell you everything you need to know. No matter which brand of Hoverboard you buy, whether it’s Segway, Swagtron, Powerboard, Veeko, Gotrax, Razor Hovertrax or any other brand, if you follow these steps, you can use your new Hoverboard as soon as possible.

How to control a Hoverboard

If you have purchased a Hoverboard model with a training or beginner mode, be sure to turn it on before riding a Hoverboard for the first time. Beginners of all ages must ensure that they wear the correct protective equipment for their Hoverboard to prevent injury. Chances are you’ll have a few falls if you learn how to ride a horse.

1. Choose a safe training place – Choose a place where you can train safely The ground should be flat and you should not be afraid that other vehicles (cars, bikes, etc.) get in the way. It’s good to have an empty parking space or other outdoor space. Maybe you should try to get on the grass when you learn. If you fall, do it on a softer surface than the sidewalk.

2. Find something (or someone) to hold on to – If you learn to balance on a suspension board, it may help to hold on to something, such as a ramp or fence. If you are standing in a large open space, someone can stand next to you and you can use his or her shoulder or hand to balance yourself.

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How to control a Hoverboard step by step.

3. Walk on the hoverboard – Place the hoverboard on a flat surface. Step one foot at a time on the floating board at the back. Hold on to something that will help you keep your balance. If you are in a precarious situation and unbalanced, try a wider position with your feet on the outer edge of the tread, next to the wheels.

4. Practice straight ahead – As soon as you feel comfortable at rest, tilt both legs slightly forward to move the hoverboard forward. If you don’t bend your hips, you lose your balance – the movement has to be done at the ankles. To stop, you have to stand up straight. Tilt your heels back.

5. Turning Exercise – If you can get in and out and stop comfortably in a straight line without falling over, you can practice turning. You have to tilt the opposite leg to turn in a certain direction. To go left, tilt your right foot forward. To go right, tilt your left foot forward.

6. Disassembly – If the hoverboard is still in place, move backwards to avoid unintentional acceleration.

These are the basic principles of driving a Hoverboard. It takes a little practice to feel comfortable, but many people can learn to ride a Hoverboard in an hour or two. In the next section you will find some driving tips.

If you want a visual guide, this short video will show you how to ride a Hoverboard:

Hoverboard Tips

The ups and downs can be the hardest part of riding lessons. Feel free to practice this step over and over again until you can do it without losing your balance.

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Avoid sudden movements and twists. Try to get everything straight. If you make an abrupt movement, you increase the chance of losing your balance and falling.

Once you have mastered the rotation, you can learn to make circles by leaning forward with one foot and rotating 360 degrees.

If you want to go faster, bend over. As soon as you feel comfortable, you can increase your driving speed. Many hoverboards have a preset top speed, so a beep sounds and you are automatically slowed down as soon as you reach it. (If you want to go very fast, check the fastest hoverboards).

Before travelling with a hoverboard, make sure you are aware of the legal restrictions in your area. In some public places, such as shopping centres and school buildings, the use of hoverboards is prohibited. Depending on your country or state you may not be allowed to drive on roads or pavements.

Learn how a Hoverboard works to fully understand your new personal conveyor belt.

Once you’ve mastered Hoverboarding, discover these cool tricks on a Hoverboard you can learn.

If you still need to buy the perfect Hoverboard, take a look at our Hoverboard comparison chart. We also have recommendations on children’s hoverboards and the cheapest hoverboards.

Ready for a hoverboard ride? Make sure you have adequate protective equipment. Check the protective equipment for children’s and adult helmets. When driving near the car or in low light conditions, make sure you have safety and visibility lights with you.




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