How to make easy hoverboard tricks


Hoverboards currently cause anger and many people are interested in how to do simple tricks on a hoverboard. Here are some of the Hoverbord videos we’ve collected online. In general, these are simple hoverboard tricks, although there are more complicated tricks on this list. As with all tips on a Hoverboard, we recommend that you protect your Hoverboard.


To form a roundabout, you must bend over and hang on a wheel cover to ensure stability. Then start walking around in circles. [Source]


Sideways Circle
Gfycat poison
To make the Sideways Circle, you need to balance on a pedal and turn the Hoverboard. This can be done with either the inner rotating wheel or the outer wheel (as indicated in the poison above).

The rebound

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The rebound is very easy, all you have to do is bend forwards a few meters and then quickly backwards. [Source]


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The Turnstyle is one of the most common simple tricks on a Hoverboard: While jumping you turn the Hoverboard so your feet land on the skates again, but you don’t point forwards, but backwards. [Source]

Seating group

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Sitting Spin Circle is an easy ride where you sit on a hoverboard, bend your knees and turn over. [Source]


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Some videos with hoverboard tricks seem simple. Not the others. But not this one. A hand rest is exactly what a hand rest makes on a Hoverboard. It is useful to start on all fours from a lower position, as in the GIF above. [Source]

Remember that safety is extremely important when learning how to drive a Hoverbrand (whether it’s easy or difficult).

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