Hoverboard safety gear for children


Kinderhoverboards Hoverboard Safety Equipment Hoverboards are very popular with children and teenagers, and although hoverboards with the required UL certificates are currently much safer, there is still some risk associated with their use. This risk is about the same as riding a bicycle, skateboard or rollerblades. Accidents can happen, but wearing the right protective equipment will help protect your child and in most cases prevent injuries.

In this article we will break down all child protection equipment for floating planks that help to prevent injuries. All these items are required if you buy a Hoverboard for your child.

Basic equipment for child safety on a hoverboard

Helmets for hovercraft

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If you only buy safety equipment for your child, we recommend that you put on a helmet. Head injuries can be fatal and although they may seem less likely when a child is in a hovercraft, they can still fall and hit the head. The helmet helps protect them from concussions, skull fractures or injuries to the scalp.

Imagine your child losing his balance and head in contact with concrete – which is much safer with a high-quality sports helmet. As a general rule, when purchasing hoverboard helmets for children, multisport helmets that combine sports such as roller skating and skateboarding should be sought. You also want to check the safety qualifications of your helmet. Click on the button below to view all our recommendations for children’s helmets.

Hoverboard protective padding


Well, now that we’ve sold your helmet, we have another recommendation for your baby. Imagine they fall, but this time they land on their elbows or knees. Although these injuries are generally less severe, torn clothing and scratched skin are unpleasant. Usually a set of cushions designed for skateboarding or roller skating is perfect for hoverboarding. These kits contain knee protectors, elbow protectors and sometimes wrist protectors. A set of six pillows is usually very affordable – you can usually find something between $10 and $25 – and that’s really important for young children and kids who just learn to float.

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If you need a quick reference, we love Kukome protection pads. This affordable and attractive 6-piece set comes with baby-sized elbow and knee pads and wrist guards. This will help to prevent bruises, abrasions and bruises caused by riding a Hoverboard. They have three colors: Black and red, orange and white and pink.

Safety flashlights for Hovercraft

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If your child has ever ridden a Hoverboard in low light or on the surrounding roads, the safety lights should be an integral part of his or her Hoverboard equipment. Although many hoverboards have built-in LED lighting, this may not be enough to make your child visible while driving in the evening or at night. Because the awnings are so low on the ground, they might not be noticed by the riders. Therefore other lamps or safety reflectors are needed to make your child visible and safe.

We have a whole article on safety lighting and reflectors for controlling a Hoverboard, but if I were to recommend a single observation device for children, it would be a rechargeable LED light belt.

Read more about the safety of hoverboarding and safe riding, and about helmets for adults.

Frequently asked questions about child protectionon a Hoverboard

Can children ride hoverboards safely?

Child safety strap on a Hoverboard Thanks to new UL certification regulations in the US and Canada, a Hoverboard is much safer than previous models whose batteries could catch fire. With these safety considerations in mind, hovercrafting is just as safe as skating. Although it is generally safe, there is a risk of injury, so we recommend that all children use protective equipment for their Hoverboard.

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We also recommend that your child is allowed to float alone on the street, in the park or on the sidewalk. You should not use your two-wheeled balance scooter on the road, especially in high-traffic areas. Also be sure to follow local laws, as hovercraft operations may be prohibited in certain locations or cities, leading to a fine or penalty.

Do I need to buy a special hovercraft for my child?

Although hoverboards are not sold for a certain age, they are available in different sizes and are easier to use depending on the size of the rider. For most children, we recommend a hoverboard with 6.5-inch wheels – the smallest available on the market today. The small size is easier to manoeuvre and weighs less, making it easier to carry your baby. Older children and adolescents can feel more comfortable on an 8-inch floating board. Check out our recommendations for the best hoverboards for kids.




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