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Best self-balanced electric unicycle With the passion for hovering, the number of other electric passenger cars on the market has increased. Electric skateboards and other hoverboard alternatives have become very popular with children, teenagers and adults. Electric unicycles, which have been around since hoverboards became one of the most popular private vehicles, are popular with occasional cyclists and passengers.

If you’re not familiar with electric unicycles, they look like private, self-balancing two-wheelers. Apparently they only have one wheel to their name. On each side where you stand, there is a footrest that locks the wheel in the middle. Riding an electric unicycle is like riding a Segway, you tilt your body to control speed and direction. If you want to know more about these carriers, including the best electric martial arts, read on. Take a look at our comparison table and complete evaluations for each brand.

Single cycle electric comparison chart

Take a look at our comparison table of electric unicycles. If you would like to read our detailed report on each model, please go to the next section.

Would you like to compare all the Hoverboards we’ve looked at? See our comparison table on a Hoverboard.

Best electric unicycle

Segway 1 S1 Electric Unicycle

Segway is a pioneer in the world of private vehicles, so it is logical that they also produce one of the best single electric wheels on the market. The Segway One S1 is a stand-alone personal carrier, designed for those who come to work or need a little help moving around. Getting started with the One S1 is easy thanks to the free smartphone app, which includes a new driver training guide for teenagers and adults. This model meets the same safety standards as Hoverboards, so you don’t have to worry about overheating or lithium-ion batteries.

With a charging time of four hours, the One S1 has an energy reserve of 15 miles, ideal for commuting or driving around campus. Once you have reached your destination, you can block your unicycle. Plus, it’s easy to carry for just 25 pounds. Athletes may be disappointed by the speed limit (maximum speed of 12.5 mph), and some observers say the One S1 does not handle smaller areas as well as its competitors. For driving on the pavement or on the road, this model is an excellent choice for those coming to university to work and study.

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Available colors: white

Maximum speed: 12.5 miles per hour

Maximum distance: fifteen miles

Distinguishing features: UL 2272 safety certification, 25 lbs, new driver’s manual, smartphone application, safe for runners 16 years of age and older, max. Weight 220 lbs, 4 hours recharging time, adjustable LED lights

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Electric unicycle SWAGTRON SwagRoller

Swagtron was one of the first companies to participate in the game with a hoverboard. So it is not surprising that they now offer a great electric unicycle. The SwagRoller is an excellent personal means of transport for residents and students. It’s a little cooler than the Segway and even has a built-in Bluetooth speaker if you want to listen to music on the go. The 14-inch dual tyres provide excellent traction when driving and working on all terrains. For beginners Swagroller comes with accessories for the training wheels, which make training a little easier.

The SwagRoller is super portable and compact. The metal footrests are foldable and a carrying handle is also included, so you can easily carry them when you’re not driving. The handle even makes it possible to roll the electric unicycle on the ground like a suitcase. With integrated LED lighting for visibility and safety, SwagRoller is an excellent option for teenagers and students. Drive on the sidewalks, in the park or just in town. This is an excellent option for anyone interested in an electric unicycle.

Available colors: White

Wheel size: 14″

Maximum speed: 9 miles per hour

Maximum distance: 12.4 miles

Distinguishing features: UL2272 certified, up to 264 lbs. weight, Bluetooth speakers, smartphone application, LED lights, 3-hour charge time, retractable carry handle, IP55 waterproof, gyrobalance technology

One-wheeled pedelec against hoverboard

Many people don’t know whether to buy a hovercraft or an electric unicycle. If you can’t afford both, there are a few things you should consider before you buy.

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Electric unicycle professor

  • Electric unicycles are faster than the fastest hoverboards. Hoverboards can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, while most one-wheeled e-bikes can reach speeds of around 20 miles per hour, while others can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.
  • Perfect for off-road driving. While most hoverboards are best used on sidewalks or on the road, electric unicycles can also be used off-road. They work with mud, grass and gravel. You can also take the stairs and cross the sidewalks, which is very comfortable for many passengers.

Single consumers

  • Electric unicycles have a great learning ability. Although it is not impossible to use them, it can take longer to learn how to use them. If you already have experience driving a hoverboard or riding a normal unicycle, you can learn it faster. Don’t expect to just walk into your EUC and ride like a hoverboard.
  • The price. In general, electric unicycles are more expensive than hoverboards, especially because there are fewer models. If you have a budget, you might consider a cheap hoverboard.
  • Some electric wheels are heavier than hoverboards and often weigh around 30 pounds. This may mean that you are not comfortable taking it with you when you use it on your way to work or on campus.

How to drive a single electric wheel

Electric unicycles are a little harder to learn than a hovercraft. It may take some time before you can take possession of it. But like everything else, if you fall, you have to go back and try again.

Here are a few tips to help you learn how to ride an electric unicycle

How to drive a single electric wheel

  • Try to find a place where you can practice with a rail or other high object that you can use for stabilization.
  • Turn on the single electric wheel.
  • Hang up on the rail or stabilizer. Place your outer leg (away from the stabilizer) on the footrest and hold the EUC with your outer hand.
  • Hold the ramp, jump on the footrest with the other foot.
  • Use your rail to support yourself while you practice moving an electric unicycle.
  • Bend your knees forward a little to get ahead. Keep your hand on the rail in case you lose your balance. Bend over as far as you can. Repeat this until you feel comfortable enough to let go of the ramp and drive.
  • To increase speed, you may lean forward. Slow down or stop, lean back.
  • To mount a unicycle on a rail, place a foot on a footrest and hold the handle with the same hand. Push with the other foot on the ground and lean forward at the same time to move the unicycle. It may be necessary to practice this without losing balance.
  • Once you’ve mastered walking straight, you can practice cornering. To turn an electric unicycle, you have to lean your body in the right direction. Try progressive rotations first. Normally, if you have mastered the route without a crash barrier or support, you should be able to turn without losing your balance.
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It can take several hours of practice to feel comfortable on an electric unicycle.

Watch this video that shows you how to ride an electric unicycle:

When you’re new to the electric unicycle, you fall off. Use appropriate protective equipment to prevent injury. If not, come back and try again!




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