Best Safe Hoverboard Alternatives for 2020


With the growing ban on hoverboards in cities around the world and limited sales in the United States, many hoverboard enthusiasts are looking for alternatives. Maybe someone close to you has a hoverboard on your wish list and you need another gift idea. Many of these gifts offer the same outdoor fun and excitement as the glider, without the high price or safety considerations.

Here are some cool and fun alternatives to hoverboarding:

Safe use of alternative Hovercraft

Razor blade E200 Electric scooter

Scooters are a nice alternative to hoverboards, especially for children. If you’re looking for an electric motor for your scooter, you’re in luck. Razor produces many models of electric scooters in different colours. The electric scooter consists of a sturdy steel frame and has a 24V rechargeable battery, which makes it possible to ride continuously for 40 minutes at speeds of up to 12 km/h. One of the advantages of these scooters over hoverboards is that you can still use the scooter on foot, even when the batteries are empty.

Other features include a chain motor, 8-inch air rails, expandable hammer block and a battery charger.

Ripstick moulding plate

If you are looking for an adventurous type of skateboard, the Ripstik Caster Board is the perfect replacement for a hoverboard. This incredible board from Razor combines the experience of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. Rip stitch uses a twisting motion to push you forward, so you don’t have to push with your foot like on a skateboard. Built on just two wheels, you can make 360-degree turns and even climb hills.

Available colors: red, blue

Distinguishing features: 76mm polyurethane wheels, ABEC-5 bearings, nail cars, suitable for children from 8 years old, bearings up to 222 lbs.

Rink skates

Orbital skates These portable skates look like something from the future, like the type of roller skates George Jetson would use An orbital wheel consists of two wheels, one for each leg. They work separately and give you the freedom to be afraid of skateboarding. The legs move in a wavy motion, the wheels on the rink are self-propelled, making work on the skates superfluous. The tricks and maneuvers you can perform with Orbitwheels are more amazing and challenging than anything you could do with a hoverboard or simple roller skates.

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Available colours: green/blue, black/red

Main Features: independent power supply, good training, portable and compact design.

Road traffic 12V, babysegment

If you’re still not sure if you’re ready to let your baby ride faster on a hovercraft, this Dareway is a great compromise. You need a Fun Glider or Segway to make it safe and easy for children to use. It is equipped with a foot pedal with manual pull buttons for steering, making it easy for children to operate this electric scooter. The base is a sturdy platform that prevents tipping, so you can drive safely. Your child will like to personalize his or her scooter with the included stickers.

At the age of six or older. Maximum payload of 89 pounds.

Available colors: blue, pink

Distinguishing features: Speed up to 3.7 mph, forward and backward, stickers to adjust the design, supports motorcyclists up to 89 lbs.

Tournado hits

If you want to offer your child a fun competition without the risk of falling, like a hoverboard does, this is an excellent alternative. This model is really designed for children and teenagers, although the maximum weight of the Turnado is 150 pounds. The Turnado is a four-wheel drive car that lands like a cart or buggy on the ground on the dunes. It is designed for racing and tricks, with torque control for tight turns, twists, drifts and turns. Any child or teenager who likes to drive fast and do tricks will enjoy Tournado.

One of the main disadvantages of this car is the loading time. Loading takes about 8 to 12 hours and then only 30 minutes by car. So you have to charge it at night to enjoy it for half an hour. If you want more time to go out, you should buy a hoverboard for the kids.

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Maximum speed: 12 miles per hour

Maximum distance: 30 minutes driving time

Distinguishing features: 8 years and over, 150 lbs. maximum weight, 8-12 hours charging time, foundry corner wheels, pneumatic wheels, 24V battery.

Wild animal with drive wheels

Wild Thing is a great alternative to hoverboarding for children, especially for people with disabilities who make it difficult or impossible to use a standing hoverboard. It is a three-wheeled car that is operated by two joysticks, allowing the car to move back and forth and rotate 360 degrees. Designed to be robust and equipped with all-terrain tyres, this machine is ideal for driving on the yard or in the park.

Although the Wild Thing does not have this speed (the maximum speed is 5 miles per hour), there are speed settings under the parental control seat so you can adjust the maximum speed for your child. It is an entertaining and sustainable alternative to outdoor activities for children.

Available colors: orange, green, pink

Maximum speed: 5 mph (2.5 mph in reverse)

Distinguishing features: 5 years and over, speed control by parents, durable multi-profile tyres.

Missile sledge

If you’re looking for something that makes you feel like Iron Man, take a look at these RocketSkates. They come with two skates that can be attached like a snowboard and can carry up to 275 lbs on their fibre-reinforced nylon frame. They are easy to use: tilt forwards to accelerate and backwards to brake. You can also go up the stairs without taking them off! Hint: They are recommended from the age of 16. Orbital skating can therefore be the best option for juniors.

Properties : Removable lithium-ion battery, charges in 90 minutes from the AC adapter Fits men’s shoes 6.5+ and women’s shoes 6+.

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ScuttleRider skateboard for all terrains

If you like the idea of a skateboard, but want something with electricity, then this electric skateboard is perfect. It is also ideal for thrill-seekers who don’t want to limit themselves to the nearby streets and sidewalks. With an electric wheel in the middle of the board it rolls like a snowboard. Snowboarders, skiers and snowboarders love it. It works like a hoverboard: The forward tilt accelerates it, the backward tilt slows it down and eventually stops the skateboard.

The Onewheel project started as a start-up project and is now a full-fledged company developing new models and functions. The inventor is passionate about snowboarding, so he wanted to give the feeling of riding gunpowder everywhere. This smooth ride lasts 6 to 7 miles and you only need 20 minutes to fully charge the battery. It is a great option for adventurers as you can ride on sidewalks, gravel, sand, grass and all kinds of other terrains.

Distinguishing features: 15 mph top speed, 6-7 mph range, 2 HP engine, intuitive operation, LED headlights and tail lights, 20 minutes fully charged, LiFePo4 lithium batteries, smartphone application to manage

Look at more electric skateboards.

Don’t forget to buy protective clothing and children’s equipment for your Hoverboard.




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