Best Hoverboard Under $100 in 2020


$100 Hoverboard If you really want a cool and cheap $100 Hoverboard, you don’t have to wait for Black Friday or other seasonal sales. But now you can easily take your dream with you on a $100 hoverboard.

A few years ago, it was pretty hard to find $100 worth of hoverboards. With so many new suppliers entering the market and increasing competition. A cheap hovercraft is a dream come true.

But let me share with you a pearl of wisdom you must remember. While you can easily get $100 for a hoverboard, you have to compromise on quality and durability. It is clear that hoverboards made of high-quality material have a long service life.

But it’s never a bad idea to have a cheap $100 hoverboard, especially if you want to be a good rider.

In a perfect Hoverboard we have put together some of the best and cheapest Hoverboards, which of course you can buy for $100.

We’ve looked at each hovercraft model and will explain its pros and cons so you can decide which model you want to choose.

Let’s start with the most popular $100 hoverboards.

1: CHO $100 Suspension fee: CHO Hoverboard for $100 Start with a large CHO Hoverboard If you only have $100 in your locker, CHO is the best choice for you. This hoverboard is cheap and durable enough for its price.

CHO is a well-known name in the hoverboardmarket. The main goal of CHO is to offer consumers the best and most innovative product in terms of safety, quality and sustainability.

The $100 CHO Hoverboard has many brilliant features you can only dream of.

This is the cheapest hoverboard ever made from such a strong material, which gives a solid board structure, it will provide an incredibly stable and smooth ride.

With its 6.5-inch tyres, it is ideal for teenagers and youngsters. You can also wear it easily when battery life decreases.

Don’t worry, his battery won’t die easily. The powerful lithium-ion battery is fully charged in 4 to 5 hours.  With a fully charged battery you can reach a top speed of 6.21 miles per hour with a maximum range of 7.45 miles. Which I think is enough for every teenager.

As far as security features are concerned, it has numerous certificates. UL 2272, ROHS, FCC and CE safety certificates are available. So don’t think if it’s a cheap hoverboard, it won’t have the latest safety certificates.  So you can not only save money on your Hoverboard, but also protect yourself against various types of disasters.

Its twin 250-watt engines are powerful enough to easily support the weight of an operator weighing up to 220 pounds at a top speed of 6.21 miles per hour. It can easily bridge slopes of up to 15 degrees.

Yeah, you heard me. On the CHO-Hoverboard you can easily learn great hoverboard tricks.

It’s incredibly light, about 21 pounds.

A few words about his appearance: The light and durable hull with a matte finish in colour and blue, the LED headlights on the fenders make it very attractive. In addition, the battery indicator and the aluminium discs give the CHO floating plate a very aesthetic appearance.

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Icing on the cake, this cheap $100 hoverboard is waterproof. Let me tell you, it has an IP34 value. Relax from sudden drops of water, they won’t damage your Hoverboard.

I don’t think you’d find such a good hoverboard for $100. But you have every right to make arrangements for and against him. Therefore, for your convenience, I have highlighted certain points so that you can clearly compare the pros and cons. There you go,



They’re very important when you buy a cheap hoverboard for $100. The CHO Hoverboard is UL2272, ROHS, CE and FCSS certified.


Although the wheels are small. But it’s very useful. Due to the reduced dimensions of the wheels, they are closer to the ground, which facilitates assembly/disassembly. Secondly, the small size of the wheels makes transport easier.


All CHO hoverboard models are equipped with light blue LED backlighting. He seems really cool. Moreover, the bright light gives a more pleasant feeling.


It is equipped with robust and durable 250 W motors.


You can easily cover a maximum distance of 7.45 miles and reach a maximum speed of 6.21 miles. This makes it an ideal tool for children.


It features amazing waterproof technology. It protects him from sudden water splashes.


CHO is equipped with high quality speakers that can be easily connected to any device via Bluetooth. Download roads with powerful Bluetooth speakers.


It has super comfortable non-slip rubber pads and the surface is designed with many lines to prevent slipping. This gives you a good grip while driving.


All these features are easily accessible for as little as $100. There’s nothing wrong with saying that CHO is one of the cheapest $100 floating signs with amazing features.



Hoverboard CHO is not activated. Don’t be sad, not all hoverboards are up. There are expensive hoverboards that don’t have this feature yet. I think safety is far more important than application.


It is only available in 4 colours: green, blue, black and white. You cannot have pink gold or gold paint in the CHO hoverboard.

Never forget that there is a dark side to every product that you need to know before making a final decision.

It’s the same with a CHO hoverboard. All these factors are no more important than safety. Safety should be your priority when choosing a cheap $100 hoverboard.

Buy CHO Hoverboard now for $100 at Amazon.

2: Best hoverboard for $100: $100 Hoverboard I’m getting closer to my next choice of a cheap $100 hoverboard.

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Introduction of the NHT self-balanced scooter. The recently launched product, which is not only ideal for children but also for teenagers, can be fun.

NHT is a trusted name in the hoverboard business; they claim to produce hoverboards that are completely safe and reliable. That’s the main reason I put it under $100 on my list of hoverboards.

Talking about the features, it has some amazing properties that I think are more than enough for a $100 hoverboard.

With its 4.5 inch rubber tires it is very suitable for children. And that’s not all, you can easily take a Hoverboard with you on holiday or wherever you want. It’s pretty light. Believe me, it’s as light as a feather. And this pen easily adapts to the rider’s weight – 44-143 lbs (20-70 kg).

When safety is considered the most important factor, the NHT self-balanced scooter is completely safe. The UL 2272 laboratory is certified according to the highest and most recent standards for insurance laboratories. Your Hoverboard has already passed many difficult electrical tests, so you don’t have to worry about its safety. In addition, the hull is made of a fire-resistant material to prevent it from catching fire at sea. Stay relaxed and explore the city on the side of your dreams.

The NHT self-compensating roller is equipped with a double motor of 300 W each. He’s powerful enough. With these powerful engines you can reach a maximum speed of 6 mph.

And you won’t believe that it only takes one to two hours to fully charge the batteries. You can drive a distance of 3 to 6 miles on a single load. Remember that the maximum range depends on the rider’s weight and road conditions.

Guys! Guys! If you’re looking for a more powerful hoverboard under $100. Then you have to think of NHT on a hoverboard. Firstly because it is the latest product on the market (none of your friends get it), and secondly because it is reasonably affordable. Really, it’s very light in my pocket.

But before we think about it, let’s look at the pros and cons.


The reasons for this may be different. But I’ve listed a few so you can easily assess the benefits.

  • Safety Certificate:

Safety is a very important factor to put at the top of the list. The NHT-Hoverboard is certified in accordance with UL 2272. You can buy it without fear.

  • 4.5 inches Rubber Tyres:

The small size of the wheel is very useful, especially for getting on and off a hoverboard. This makes it an ideal tool for children. But anyone can get over it easily. There’s no age limit. Secondly, the wheel is easy to transport because of its size.

  • Bright LED bulbs:

Bright, bright LED lights make your Hoverboard very attractive, especially at night. You look like you’re standing in the light. Bright LED lights also make your path visible.

  • 300-Watt Dual motor:

It’s one of the cheapest $100 hoverboards with powerful dual engines. Each motor has 300 watts of power.

  • Speed and distance limit:

He can reach a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour and the maximum distance he can travel is 3-6 miles.

  • Anti-slip Bunion:

The surfaces of the clutch pedals are made of aluminium rubber and are non-slip.  You can enjoy a quiet ride with a good grip on the pedals.

  • Suspension table for $100:

The most amazing thing is the price. You can get all the above features for only $100.

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  • Weight limit:

I think with such a powerful engine, the weight limit should be a little higher. But it could be suitable for small wheels. Its weight limitation makes it ideal for children and teenagers.

  • No Bluetooth speakerphone and mobile phone application:

These are two additional features that I don’t think are mandatory on any hoverboard. Even more important is whether the UL 2272 is certified or not. The hoverboard is useless if it is equipped with high quality Bluetooth speakers and an integrated mobile application, but is not certified for safety.

You never get a complete package for everything. As mentioned above, if you want the product you want for the price you want, you must have compromised on certain points. Like NHT overboards. You get all the features you need for the price you want, but at the same time you compromise with the mobile application and Bluetooth speakers.

Buy the NHT Hoverboard now for $100 at Amazon.



Hoverboards are, after all, the last means of transport a young person wants. Why don’t you give them a cheap hoverboard that they can ride easily, and once they’re professional riders, they’ll upgrade their model.

Hoverboards under $100 are ideal for educational purposes. It would not be a good idea to buy a hovercraft that is being repaired or used. Because with the used Hoverboards you can’t make butter-soft rides. Find a cheap hoverboard for $100, make a decision and buy it!

Trust me!   You will not regret your decision.



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