Back to the Future Hoverboards & Other Cool Gifts


Back to the future of hoverboards and toys.

Fans Back to the Future Part II waited patiently for the 2015 offensive to secure the future we dreamed of with automatic lace-up shoes, a unique World Series victory for the Cubs and of course the hoverboards.

We have a product called Hoverboard, which is more like a hand-less electrical segment, but we never got the Hoverboard promised in the movie. However, there are still cool gifts and table toys that can fill a hole in our hearts in the form of a floating game board –including a floating game board that actually hangs! There are also great gift ideas for fans Back to the Future . Please note the following list.

Back to the future II Floating panels

Back to Future Part II DVD & Hoverboard ReplicaMovie Copy

Back to the future hoverboard propeller The small print immediately indicates that it doesn’t fly, but this exact copy of a hoverboard of the brand Mattel is identical to the copy Marty McFly used in his second movie Perfect to show in your house or to finish your Halloween costume, it’s a great collector’s item.

Properties : Officially approved, to be precise, 28 inch long, 8 inch wide, 1 inch high, floating plates at the bottom, handles and Velcro.

The pink accessories on a hoverboard come with a DVD copy of the film Back to the Future Part II.

Articleremains below.


Back to the future II Replica of the miniature sailboat

Loot Box Back to the Future II Hoverboard Replica Well, maybe the full-size hoverboard is too big or too expensive for you. If you are looking for a movie copy that you can easily show at home, try this replica of 5 Hoverboards. It was an exclusive LootCrate to celebrate Back to the Future in 2015, but is now available for purchase. The 5 floating panel is mounted on a mirror support and can be displayed with all other collectibles on your shelf.

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They’re rare, so you need to buy them as soon as possible.

Back to the future floating office hoverboard

Floating Toys on a Floating Board Back to the Future II Okay, so you’re talking: Enough lines, where’s the that really floats on the hoverboard? You can get a mini corner sign for your office that actually floats. With the help of rare earth magnets this replica hovercraft actually floats in the future II. And while it’s only a mini-version you can’t fly, your fingers can slip.

Great table toys!

Available with a 4, 6 or 12 inch tip base.

Full size floating display overboard

Full size floating display on a Hoverboard Part II If the mini-version is not enough, I am happy to inform you that there is a full size copy of the on a Hoverboard Part II and it is actually floating! You can’t hang it up – it’s just an exhibition, but it’s still super cool and something to show everyone.

If a mini awning is not enough and you can afford the high price, a full-size awning is the best option to mimic the magic of the film.

Does that sound too good to be true? Watch the video below to see it in action:

Back to future souvenirs, props and costumes

These are all your hoverboard options, but if you are looking for more memories of Back to the Future II, take a look at these items:

Back to the future 2 Replica of USA TodayLimited Edition

Back to future use of the diary today If you missed the chance to get that rare replica of the diary of 22/10/15, you’ve been lucky! It is still available with a special limited edition of the USA Today film cover.

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It includes an article about the arrest of Marty McFly’s son and two other humorous articles about cholesterol as a cure for cancer and about people injured by wet pizza slices.

It is a very unique collector’s item that truly inspires the future of the second film. In a frame on the wall of any compartment it looks great, or even a nice gift for yourself.

Combine it with the grey Sports Almanac magazine and create an unforgettable gift for every fan Back to the Future .

Back to the future Part II Marty McFly Replica Cap

Marty McFly Hat If you make a Marty McFly Halloween costume, this cat will help you finish your outfit. This is a copy of the costume Michael J. Fox wore during his visit to Retro Futures 2015. The fabric changes colour thanks to an ultra-attractive fabric.

Put him in this Marty McFly costume and you’re ready for Halloween.

Properties : One size, Velcro closure.

Outputand Delorean 2015 license Sheet

OUTATIME and Delorean license plate 2015 Other screen for precision silence, you can use the RIGHT NUMBER on your Delorean journey, including the OUTATIME license plate and the futuristic license plate from 2015.

Both are stamped and have standard license plate dimensions. Perfect for your own time machine.

They can also be purchased separately:
OUTATIME Licence marks
Back to the future 2015 Licence marks




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