5 Best Blue Hoverboards for the year 2020


When you buy a new Hoverboard, there are a lot of things to consider. Of course you want safety, good speed, long driving time and also the coolest features for the best price. But this seems just as important. Maybe you want to look cool on a hoverboard or just on a hoverboard in your favorite color. I understand that, especially since my favorite color is blue. I like to have everything in blue, and if you share my preference for colour, you’re probably looking for blue hoverboards. We went through all current Hoverboard models to find the best blue Hoverboards. But we went through all the features and prices to find the best possible offer. See the comparative table below and the full analyses in the next section.

Blue Hoverboard Comparison Table

Check out our Blue Hoverboards comparison chart. If you want to read our detailed overview of each Hoverboard model, please go to the next section.

Would you like to compare all the Hoverboards we’ve looked at? See our comparison table on a Hoverboard.

Best blue hoverboard

Swagtron T1floating chart

https://tophoverboards.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/word-image-50.jpeg https://tophoverboards.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/word-image-23.gif

If safety is your top priority when it comes to hoverboards, then every Swagtron model is a good choice. Your T1 was the first hovercraft model to meet the stringent new 2016 certification standards, and a great choice for anyone looking for a safe ride. By the way, he’s turning blue! Safety features include a Sentry Shield UL 2272 certified battery that will not overheat or ignite. It also features Safe Stop technology, which means that if you suddenly lose power while driving, your Hoverboard will stop safely. With LED headlights you can be clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions.

The Swagtron T1 is an excellent entry-level model for anyone interested in hoverboarding. It has two driving modes: Training and normal. In addition, the 6.5-inch wheel is ideal for children, teenagers and adults, so everyone in the family can ride it.

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Available colors: black, blue, grenade, yellow, pink, white

Wheel size: 6.5″

Maximum speed: 8 miles per hour

Maximum distance: 12 miles

Distinguishing features: UL 2272 certification, LED headlights, 2 riding modes, 300W twin scooter engine, lithium-ion battery, 2-3 hours charging time, LED headlights, rubber bumper, battery cover, maximum weight 220 lbs, 1 year warranty.

Vecaro Glide

https://tophoverboards.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/word-image-51.jpeg https://tophoverboards.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/word-image-24.gif

If matt blue is not your style, then Vecaro GLIDE is available in a matt metallic or blue floating plate (photo). GLIDE is an excellent basic model of the hoverboard motor with all necessary functions. Thanks to Samsung’s UL 2272 certified battery, this hoverboard is protected against overheating and also has a five-stage battery indicator so you always know how much power is left. With its LED headlights and two riding modes, it is perfect for runners of all ages and sizes (up to 223 lbs).

If you need more features, the Glide-X is available in the same matt metallic and blue colours as the Bluetooth speakers, so you can listen to your favourite music while driving. It also syncs with the smartphone application, allowing you to control the Hoverboard while driving. Click on the button below to see the prices of the GLIDE and GLIDE-X products.

Available colours: black, blue, red, white, metallic gold, metallic blue, metallic light gold, metallic red, metallic silver

Wheel size: 6.5″

Maximum speed: 10 miles per hour

Maximum distance: 11 miles

Distinguishing features: UL 2272 certification, LED headlights, battery indicators, 2 driving modes, Samsung ion battery, maximum weight: 220 lbs, charging time 90 minutes, travel time up to 2 hours.

SAVA Smart-KR Blue surfboards for children


Do you want the best blue Hoverboards for kids? Take a look at this. Sav makes a mini-board for children called Smart-K2. This floating children’s board has 5.5 inch wheels that make it easy for children to ride and maneuver. With a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour it is also safer for children to drive and not to eat too fast.

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If you are concerned about safety, Smart KR has all the necessary certificates and integrated LED headlights for better visibility. If you have problems with your Hoverboard, it is covered by a one-year warranty. Make sure your child has the right safety equipment and is ready to have the time of his life on his new Hoverboard.

Available colors: blue, red

Wheel size: 5.5″ Wheel

Maximum speed: 8 miles per hour

Maximum distance: fifteen miles

Distinguishing features: UL 2272 certified, LED flashlights, Watch-Shield battery technology, 2-3 hours charge time, 1 year warranty

Look at some more hoverboards for kids.

Airbag wheel for hovercraft


I like the model with the upward heartbeat. Great if you are looking for a blue hoverboard or a good turquoise (pictured). There are many beautiful shiny flowers in a funny design. Flammable is a good way to describe a Hoverboard. It is equipped with standard LED safety lights, as well as indicators on the top of the bumpers and indicators on the wheel. It’s a hoverboard that needs to be visible.

In addition to fun colours and lighting, the Flash steering wheel is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers for playing music while driving. The 6.5 inch wheels are ideal for children, teenagers or adults. Teenagers will love their cool look when they get on this hot hoverboard.

Available colors: Black, blue, gold chrome, pink, red, white, pink chrome, pink gold chrome, purple chrome

Wheel size: 6.5″

Maximum speed: 10 miles per hour

Maximum distance: Ten thousand

Distinguishing features: UL 2272 certified, maximum weight: 220 lbs, Bluetooth speakers, LED headlights, wheel lamps, bumper lamps

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Hoverzone C Hoverboard


Hoverzon has been a great brand since its launch and offers beautiful blue Hoverboards. Your S-model is a good basic model that offers all necessary functions at a reasonable price. This UL 2272 self-balanced electric scooter is certified with battery indicators, so you always know how much power you have. The LED headlights allow you to remain in the field of vision even in poor light conditions.

With rubber tyres and aluminium wheels, riders can weigh between 44 and 220 pounds. With its 6.5-inch wheels, this Hoverboard is ideal for all members of the family. Buy the blue model and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Available colors: blue, grenade, white

Wheel size: 6.5″

Maximum speed: 8 miles per hour

Maximum distance: 11 miles

Distinguishing features: UL 2272 certified, LED lighting, battery indicator, rubber buffer, aluminium wheels, 2 driving modes, min. Max. weight

Still looking for the perfect hovercraft? If you’re open to other colors, look for black hoverboards with Bluetooth speakers, pink hoverboards and camouflage hoverboards.

Do you want to save money? Discover these cheap and affordable Hoverboards. Wanna go for a drive? Read our report on the fastest Hoverboards.




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